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Preview: Nozstock

Zoe Posnette


In just a few days, a small patch of rural Herefordshire will be welcoming festival goers back to the now firmly established small music festival that goes by the name of Nozstock. Now in its 15th year, Nozstock can certainly claim to know the ropes by now, promising a musical getaway that anyone and everyone will enjoy.

I’ve heard of Nozstock through friends, all of whom sing its praises and back up the festival’s claim that it aims to put on an eclectic line up to please a variety of musical tastes. Run by a family that has extended its annual party to the general public, ex-farmer Noz promises to keep the small house-party vibe going while trying to please the musical tastes of his various relatives that attended the original parties on site. Certainly it seems that this is managed, as in my friend’s words, “there’s so much variety in the different parts of the site that you can choose a pace to suit you. Nozstock is definitely one of those festivals that can be whatever you want it to be.”

Open to just 5000 guests, Nozstock will be putting on a host of well-known names over the weekend such as Mr Scruff, hip-hop heavyweights Dub Pistols, Rockney ambassadors Chas and Dave and firm festival favourites The Correspondents. This year promises a new Electro-Swing stage to accompany the electric Garden Stage, dubstep heavy Bullpen and variety of other areas.  Other artists to join the line up this year are the fun, “Strum and Bass” acoustic trio More Like Trees, blindingly energetic up and coming Electro-Swing 6-piece, Electric Swing Circus, and darkly psychedelic The Wytches amongst a whole host of other artists.

This year’s theme is The Wild West, which will be interesting to experience. I’m not a hardened festival goer by any stretch of the imagination and this will be the first time I’ll be attending a festival with a suggested dress-code. Ticket prices reflect the smaller size of the festival; early bird and cheaper tickets have sold out but adults can attend the whole weekend for £105 by buying tickets on the gate.

I for one am very excited to get lost in the Hidden Valley, and see what all the fuss is about.

For more information and tickets visit www.nozstock.com

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