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Q&A – 2000 Trees 2017 Artists: Muncie Girls – June 2017

Carrie Humphries


Hello! 2000 Trees is less than three weeks away now. Are you looking forward to it?

Dean: Hello! Yes indeed! It’s probably our favourite festival; maybe on a par with Groezrock in Belgium, so we are feeling very lucky and excited to be a small part of it.

I remember seeing your set at the festival last year. What was the best thing about 2000 Trees last year for you?

Dean: Thanks for watching our set. My favourite moment was probably being in a campsite somewhere, going absolutely wild with a bunch of people listening to Blink 182 or something over the silent disco headphones. It was all pretty demented.

You’re playing on The Cave stage on Thursday. What can the audience expect from your set?

Dean: Hopefully pyrotechnics, fireworks and confetti cannons.

Are there any other bands playing at this year’s festival that you are hoping to watch perform over the course of the weekend?

Dean: The line up is especially good this year. I’m excited to see The Front Bottoms, Honeyblood, The Menzingers and Lemuria, amongst a long list of others.

Last year you released your debut album From Caplan to Belsize. How do you feel that the general reaction to that album has been?

Dean: It’s been so great; we are still blown away by all the nice things people have said about it and feel so lucky to have been able to do everything that has come out of the record.

You recently toured Australia with The Hard Aches. Was that your first time touring there and how was it?

Dean: Yeah it was our first time over there. Again, we were incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to go out; The Hard Aches were awesome, all the shows were great and sold out. We also all took the opportunity to spend a bit of time before the tour out there, and we all went off separately and lived the life of Dora the Explorer for a bit.

Out of all your songs, which is your favourite to play live?

Dean: Err… probably when we play Livin’ On A Prayer in sound check.

There are some amazing bands playing at 2000 Trees this year that seem to have come through the underground rock scene over the last few years. How do you feel about the current British rock scene? Is it in a good place?

Dean: Yeah, there are some really great bands around at the moment and its nice to see a bunch of them playing 2000 Trees. Bands like Doe, Personal Best, The Winter Passing, Cassels and loads more I’m sure that I have been stupid enough to not listen to yet.

There are five stages at 2000 Trees. If you could choose any five artists (living or dead) to headline stages at your own festival, who would you choose?

Dean: Katy Perry & Taylor Swift are musts. Probably Miley Cyrus, S Club, McBusted or 1D… I can’t decide…

What’s in the pipeline for the band for the rest of this year?

Dean: Take care of ourselves, eat breakfast every morning, eat all of our five or seven a day or whatever it is. Twenty minutes of exercise; live a wholesome, healthy, happy, positive life… but also probably not.

Photo: Phil Randall

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