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Rae Morris – From Above EP

Emily Bruce


Given her talent, it’s shocking when you discover Rae Morris is only 19 years old. Above You is her second EP, following on from the beautiful Grow last year. Rae is in possession of a beautiful voice; vulnerable and powerful at the same time, it blends perfectly with her piano and together they create gorgeous melodies. If comparisons must be made, her songs are reminiscent of Kate Bush and Bon Iver, and her voice is like a cross between Alessi’s Ark and Charlene Soraia – in other words, this is rather lovely stuff if you’re into mellow, pretty music.

The title track, a beautiful love song which builds up nicely, is the best song on the EP and Wait A While which follows is gorgeous also. My only complaint would be that the tempo remains largely the same throughout – while I’m a fan of slower tunes, I can see why others might find it a little monotonous. Overall though, I for one can’t wait to hear more from this gifted young lady, and I’m looking forward to her first full-length record.