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Recommendations from Australia

Catherine May


Since moving to Australia, I’ve discovered the country borrows a lot from the UK music scene. It’s impossible to listen to a commercial radio station for more than an hour without hearing a mention of One Direction and even the Sheeranators have made their way over here.  But Australia has lots to offer the UK too. Here are a few of the artists I’ve seen/heard recently who should be on your radar.

TinPan Orange

Who are they? A roots/indie band normally with three members, but occasionally Harry Angus from The Cat Empire joins them on stage.
Why should you listen to them? Female frontwoman Emily Lubitz is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to folksy vocals and a warming stage presence. Throw her brother (Jesse Lubitz) and his epic guitar playing skills into the mix and there’s no reason not to love them.
What one song must I listen to? Barcelona
Where can I find out more? www.tinpanorange.com 

Matt Corby

Who are they? A one-time Australian Idol runner up who broke the mould, fled to London with his guitar and is now selling out venues on both sides of the world.
Why should you listen to them? Whilst there’s an occasional lapse in perfection in his back catalogue, his live shows leave audiences in complete adoration for this man, his guitar and his incredible voice.
What one song must I listen to? Brother
Where can I find out more?  www.mattcorby.com.au

Butterfly Boucher

Who are they? Now residing in Nashville, Butterfly has been releasing music for many years in Australia and touring across the globe with the likes of Sarah McLachlan, but her third album is soon to be released and good things are expected.
Why should you listen to them? With songs ranging from the emotive Another White Dash to the impossible-not-to-dance-to 5678! there’s something for everyone.
What one song must I listen to? 5678!
Where can I find out more?  www.butterflyboucher.com

Pete Murray

Who are they? Established singer-songwriter rarely seen without his guitar and a herd of female fans of all ages.
Why should you listen to them? Every song of Pete’s tells a story – be it about the birth of his son or the tragic loss of a friend to cancer. Match the beautifully crafted lyrics with Pete’s mesmerising voice and it’s a winning formula.
What one song must I listen to? All of them – he’s heading to the UK in April. But if you just want a taster then Opportunity is the song to lure you in.
Where can I find out more?  www.petemurray.com