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Reichenbach Falls – I’ll Never Go Anywhere Without Her Now

Lisa Ward


Written in Scotland, North America and England between winter 2009 and spring 2011, I’ll Never Go Anywhere Without Her Now boasts something of an Oxford super group behind Abe Davies lead. The likes of Ben Walker (Candy Says, Little Fish), Joe Bennett (Danny & The Champions of the World, The Dreaming Spires) and Nick Simms (Cornershop, Viarosa) bring a variety of instruments to the EP which offers up a heartfelt vibe. It would be easy to classify it as a mix of indie folk, but that draws too many parallels to the likes of Mumford & Sons, instead it’s slightly rougher around the edges, but in an interesting and enticing way.

Risky is perhaps most likely to grab your attention. It’s the kind of track that demands to be mixed in with the likes of The Cure’s Lullaby and Portishead’s Numb and listened to whilst lying in a darkened room. It’s one of those chilled out tracks that lingers long after it’s drawn to a close. Elsewhere The Best I Could boasts intricate melodies and downbeat lyrics. This leads neatly into Blessed Bush which, though not worlds away from it’s precursor, marks an accomplished sound from the band.

Nevertheless it’s on In The Wreckage that Abe’s vocals really seem to find their strength. As the song builds and swells, there’s a real sense of loss and heartbreak which carries the EP to it’s conclusion. Easily the best song on the album, it’s this I’d hope for more of when the full length album, Reports of Snow, is released later this year.