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Rian Peters Interview November 2011

Catherine May


Combining his talent for music and dance, Rian Peters has been working on a collection of viral music videos in the lead up to the release of his debut album next February. We caught up with singer, songwriter and dancer to learn more…

MTTM: You describe your sound as Industrial New Wave Pop, for those of us unaware of what that entails, can you please tell us a bit more…

Rian Peters: Industrial New Wave Pop is a mixture of music that I have been brought up on, which includes pop, rock and soul.  I believe the production reflects a sound where urban new skool merges with that classic feel to give you something new and exciting. A song that represents my unique sound is, Why Did You Go which is on the EP, Start Something.

MTTM: You’ve worked with some amazing people within the music industry, who would you say has been the most inspirational?

RP: One of the most influential people I have been lucky enough to work with would have to be producer Alex Da Kid.  Alex and I started working together nearly 7 years ago in his bedroom in Wood Green and to see him evolve from that to what he has accomplished now is inspirational and highly motivating.  He has gone on to win Grammy’s and work with some of the biggest selling artists in the world.  For me this just shows what you can achieve with hard work and dedication.  I think all of us in the UK are very proud of Alex, he has proved global success is more than possible.

MTTM: How did you go about creating the initial ideas for your viral videos?

RP: From the two virals I have already released I wanted to not only give the audience fresh new music but also show them my ability as a dancer.  I have an amazing team of professional dancers and choreographers that I work with and I wanted to showcase what we can do as entertainers.  There are very few male solo artists that use dance as a strong element in their work and it was important that my virals reflected that.  Room For Love was shot in waste lands in Hackney and I wanted to reflect the theme of the track which signifies being alone.  Machine (Get Up) is a party track and it made perfect sense to do this in a night club where the vibe would make people wanna dance.

MTTM: With the rise of the download and less attention given to music video channels, do you still feel videos are an important part of the package as a musician?

RP: I think music videos are vital for any musician and they have always been a massively strong part of any successful campaign.  Visuals bring the music and style of the artist to life and the music I make is enhanced by the strength of imagery and dance that can only be seen in virals or videos.

MTTM: What else can we expect from your album?

RP: From my forthcoming yet to be titled album you can expect great songs, with strong lyrics, massive production and a sound that will remain fresh and unique in decades to come.

MTTM: What’s the one thing you’d most like to achieve in your career?

RP: There are so many phenomenal accolades for artists nowadays, but what I would most like to achieve in my career is one day being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

MTTM: Any plans for a UK tour?

RP: With 2012 round the corner I will definitely be making plans to tour the UK.  There are so many cities that I would love to bring my sound to and me and my team are working on getting that together as we speak.

MTTM: What else are you doing in the lead up to the EP release in February?

RP: I’ll be releasing two more virals from tracks featured on the EP, Start Something.  I will also be performing in Birmingham for Clothes Show Live in December and I am putting together a showcase of my new music at the end of January at a London location.