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ROAM – Viewpoint EP

Becci Stanley


After accumulating a cult like following that is growing larger and larger by the day, ROAM grace our ears with their latest offering Viewpoint to demonstrate once and for all what all the fuss is about.

Opening track Over Your Head doesn’t mess around with a brief introduction before storming into crashing chords, thrashing drum beats fighting for dominance over a driving bass line and yelping, course vocals that can switch to melodic and heartfelt within seconds in one quick burst of power and one ominous rolling crash of the cymbals.

Warning Sign has a worryingly similar formula which can give the impression at first that this will be a generic pop punk e.p; though it does offer diversity as the song continues with a slowed tempo and a higher focus on the relatable – although stereotypically pop punk – lyrics over their musical talent alone.

519 is arguably the strongest track within this e.p with a grittier more punk feel to it with chords deep and dark, reminiscent of the very roots pop punk came from that work brilliantly with gritty shouts and create a pleasing yet strange juxtaposition against soulful and soothing vocals alike instead of just sticking to the tried and tested styles that the band are comfortable with.

Closing track Safeguard begins broodingly with the warning beat of the drums before plunging into verses to throw your whole body around to built with sharp and screamingly loud guitar hooks, a deep and gloomy bass line that provides the heartbeat that keeps the song alive with the pulse of the beating drums and deafening cymbals although it does not provide a satisfying climax or definitive end that would of finished this e.p off in a neat and tidy fashion, although its rough and abrupt end matches the general style of the songs overall that has been demonstrated.

It would have been easy for ROAM to fall into the pile of generic pop punk bands reaching fame quickly through social network hype and a few brief tours, though this record shows that the band have more than put passion, time and their accumulated talent into proving their worth within the pop punk scene with this well crafted and energetic e.p.


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