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Rock’s Backpages Launch New eBooks Series

Siobhanne Beattie


Rock’s Backpages celebrates its 10th birthday this month with the launch of a new ebooks series, headed by former MOJO editor, Mat Snow.

Rock’s Backpages is the world’s largest online library of rock journalism and has launched two brand new divisions : Backpages Classics and Backpages Anthologies.  Backpages Classics breathes new life into essential music books published over the last fourty years and kicks off with titles by Simon Reynolds, Barney Hoskyns, Bud Scoppa and John Pidgeon. Backpages Anthologies is a collection of key interviews and other articles about influential and important acts and features The Bob Dylan Omnibus and The Nirvana Electric Omnibus.

The Bob Dylan Omnibus is an impressive Dylan anthology and fan favourite, written and assembled by Ian MacDonald, Al Aronowitz, Dave Marsh, Andy Gill, Michael Gray and Paul Williams.  The Nirvana Electric Omnibus comes twenty years after their iconic album, ‘Nevermind’, was released in 1991 and features key interviews, eyewitness accounts and contemporary insight into the Nirvana story and includes contributions from Michael Azerrad, Everett True, Jon Savage, Simon Reynolds and Keith Cameron.

Backpages Classics includes Simon Reynolds Blissed Out: The Raptures of Rock, Barney Hoskyns Glam! Bowie, Bolan and the Glam Rock Revolution, Bud Scoppa The Byrds and John Pidgeon Rod Stewart and the Changing Faces.

This latest addition to the Rock’s Backpages series cements the website as an electronic publisher of premium rock writing.

For more information, visit www.rockbackpages.com.
All titles also available via the Amazon Kindle Store.