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Roy Shiels – The Teenage Storm EP

Hannah Quinn


Roy Shiels is a hard grafter. Having beaten a well-worn path for himself on the Irish and London gig circuit, he has performed on several national radio shows, recorded this EP The Teenage Storm and promoted it extensively. It’s a good first offering from a new artist. Shiels’ lyrics are thoughtful, deep and dark; the guitar is catchy and intense; the pace is an enjoyable rush. Shiels is a contemporary artist making classic rock songs.

Yet this is my only problem with it – it feels as if I could hear this on a classic anthems radio station and not consider it out of place. There is a lack of novelty about this sound and, at a time when indie and alternative bands come a dime a dozen, you need to be able to stand out from the rocking and rolling crowd.

Shiels holds promise though. His live act has made an impression in his home country and he has received rave reviews in the press. Given time to find his niche, and some more of the elbow grease he’s so used to, Shiels may just be a force to reckon with.