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Run For It – Better Days EP

Becci Stanley


Straight from the US, the home of fantastic pop punk bands from across the eras, Run For It – comprised of members from Man Overboard and Bangarang! – release this e.p with a mish-mash of pop-punk influences. From New Found Glory to All Time Low it covers it all… With hit and miss

Avenues starts with the stereotypical pop-punk chords, (fans of the genre will know exactly what I mean) but once it kicks in it loses the oomph these chords usually signal. The instrumentals are repetitive and simple, which appears boring but also accentuates the strong and husky vocals that carry the song to stronger heights.

Drag You In and Best Moments both carry elements that you expect from the pop-punk genre: energetic guitars, spine-tingling lyrics with a sunny side up attitude which shows definite progress from the opening track, though sounds slightly under produced which can make parts of these songs sound lacklustre, but also has a homemade feel to it making the e.p seem personal and hand-crafted lovingly. This bright song tackles the darker sides of life and tackles contexts and concepts that many bands would shy away from, a brave move for an up and coming band and one I am sure will pay off in the long run as fans can relate to a band so near to the knuckle.

Closing track Home Again is the longest track on the album and is a musical journey. It starts slow and movingly with soft guitars with more and more instruments slowly sashaying into the mixture and suave vocals over the top rising and falling gradually like a deep, dark wave through your ears to your heartstrings before gently yet abruptly ending on a hollow, haunting end.

My main problem with this e.p is that there is very little variation in songs; it is easy to put this e.p on and believe that all you have listened to is one song because of the similarities within each song. Despite this, it is a valiant effort and shows many qualities that aspiring bands should look up to, but it seems this could just be another band thrown up by the revival of pop punk. Only time will tell.