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Ryan O’Shaughnessy – Ryan O’Shaughnessy

Ellis Marriott


Ryan O’Shaughnessy took us by a storm when he appeared on the popular tv show Britains got Talent. Taking many girls hearts with his cute love story about the girl with “No Name’ which leads me to my favourite song on the album. No Name is a pretty song with a brilliant guitar progression and memorable lyrics written about the girl that he loves. This song took my heart as I am sure it did many others.

This Irish heartthrob starts off the album with First Kiss which has a very simple acoustic guitar. Although all of Ryan’s songs are kept very simple they are still effective when you listen to them; there is nothing more powerful than a simple acoustic song sung well and he has a strong voice with an incredible tone. The album is essentially just him and a guitar and that is just the way I like it, leaving me to hope that this is something that does not change on future albums, as in doing so, he would lose his raw talent and possibly some of the deeper meanings to his songs.

The album leaves us on a much softer note with Waiting. The lyrics are interesting to listen to and Ryan uses some brilliant rhymes and catchy choruses to make his songs memorable. You feel real emotions within his songs and can tell that he puts every inch of his heart and soul into the lyrics. With emphatic lyrics these songs are hard to avoid and I found myself singing them several days after listening to them. With just 6 songs on the album I was left wanting more and I cannot wait to hear what Ryan will have in store for us next.