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Saint Saviour – Union

Catherine May


There’s something immediately reminiscent of Kate Bush about Saint Saviour. From the opening notes of first album track Mercy, the similarity between Kate Bush and one time Groove Armada front-woman Becky Jones‘ floaty vocals can’t be ignored.

That’s not to say all of the album is all light and airy, in fact there’s a great mixture of dance numbers such as Jennifer compared with the deeper, more solemn and emotive Tightrope to demonstrate the versatility of Jones’ voice.

And then there are tracks such as Horse that show a completely different sound. It’s gentle – delicate, even – and yet it still packs a punch with haunting echoes behind the vocals. The repetition in the album’s shortest track, The Rain Falls On The Just, is catchy enough for it to be memorable – but not too repetitive that it becomes annoying.

On the deluxe version of the album, listeners are treated to two extra tracks with the soft vocals at the beginning of Chaos creating great foundations for a sudden change of pace and sound with the louder, electronic chorus. The piano introduction to the other bonus track, After All also seems to start the song going in one direction before Jones’ high pitched vocals gradually get supported by a drum beat and some synthesizing.

Overall, it’s a quaint album full of electronic surprises. It’s doubtful that the album is reason enough for her to be ordained, but a listen of the album will definitely save you from an hour of boredom.


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