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Sara Bareilles – Kaleidescope Heart

Catherine May


Whilst Love Song may have brought her to the public’s attention, Sara Bareilles is an artist who seemed to disappear back behind the curtains of the mainstream in the UK almost as quickly as she shot to fame. Her new album makes it clear that she still has a lot more to offer.

Title track Kaleidoscope Heart highlights her vocal ability. Without any instrumental backing, it introduces the album with courage, demonstrating the strength of Bareilles’ voice, but also the confidence that has come with this new release. King of Anything has to be my favourite – “Who died and made you king of anything?” poses a direct question that any listener can smile at as they think of that someone who takes control all too often. In fact, connecting with the audience is definitely a skill that Bareilles has perfected; Say You’re Sorry opens with the repetition of the title before continuing this plea throughout the verses.

There’s an emotional rawness in Basket Case which comes across beautifully , whilst the seemingly less deep Let The Rain avoids using too many clichés involving ‘floodgates’ (it’s used once in the bridge) to create a more radio friendly track. Gonna Get Over You would make a great second single choice for it’s doo-wap pop vibes that you can’t help but want to get up and dance to.

So Bareilles has definitely proven to be more than a one hit wonder with this album. I just hope she makes the most of it and promotes it as such that more of a UK audience will get to hear it!