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Sarah Harmer – Oh Little Fire

Katie-Nan Coleman


I have always had a secret love for country music, especially for the kind of country song that has a hint of pop to it, and with Sarah Harmer’s latest offering Oh Little Fire that is exactly what you get. The album shows no similarities to her last, the understated I’m A Mountain, and opens up a whole new range for the singer/songwriter. She opens with The Thief, a catchy song with a perfect drive time feel to it. Slow drums and gentle guitar riffs make this track easy to listen to and the lyrics tell a story of their own. Meanwhile songs like New Loneliness blend together Sarah Harmer’s mix of folk and country sounds to create an enchanting song that would entice anybody.

Some of my personal favourites on the album are One Match, a story of how one single match could start a romance between a burning couple. The weight of this track comes from Sarah Harmer’s unique vocals. Others include the very country Washington, which in some strange way reminded me of Johnny Cash, the slow, heavy guitar strums reminding me of his classic Folsom Prison Blues.

Late Bloomer is another one to look out for; it’s faster paced than some of the others but is a really sweet, chirpy song and is well worth a listen. The same goes for The Marble In Your Eyes, which is much slower but still just as sweet and has a really delicate feel. If you’re not a massive fan of country songs then stay away from Silverado and It Will Sail, which have strong country/folk feels to them and are a lot slower than anything else on the album.

I’ve always thought that the great thing about country/folk music is that the songs take an everyday situation and look for the good in it, add some rhythmic music and old school vocals and the artist creates a song that everyone gets. Sarah Harmer does just this and I was fairly impressed with album. I would recommend giving it a listen, even if you’re not a fan of the whole folk era there’s bound to be a song on the album for you!