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Savoir Adore – In The Wooded Forest

Dana Beaton


In The Wooded Forest is the first studio album from dual-fronted NYC indie band, Savoir Adore. The delightful, equally talented Deidre Muro and Paul Hammer have formed a band through their genuine love for music, experimenting with a mix of electro-pop and mature dance beats.

The two, originally individual performers, decided to collaborate after a two year friendship, during which they became familiar with each other’s solo work. This resulted in a mesmerizing combination which attracted Cantora Records. Their signing is something for which to be grateful, as it has encouraged them to continue mastering this unique style of song writing. Savoir Adore present a fresh and engaging repertoire that I hope we will hear more of as time passes, giving listeners something different from today’s usual over-produced and advertised pop music.

The album begins with the steady-paced, uplifting tune, The Scientific Findings of Dr. Rousseau, which contrasts with the peaceful and heartwarming closing track, The Garden. I find it interesting that the band takes at least a minute to introduce most of their material purely instrumentally; this shows that they care about the atmosphere created and felt, as much as the simple yet retrospective lyrics. To give you an example, I suggest the less well-known song, Take Hollow Lane. Another two of my favourites, steering away from the popular singles Bodies and We Talk Like Machines would be MERP, which features a fun, jazzy bassline and Wonderlake, which attracted me because of the mellow body yet powerful ending.

Listeners will understand from the laid-back, positive atmosphere of Savoir Adore’s music why they are compared to other successful musical groups such as MGMT and Phoenix, although they definitely show individuality with their female lead. What I particularly like about this band is the obvious determination and energy that is put into their music. I have come across many so-called musicians who simply join beats together and label themselves as a band, whereas Savoir Adore truly create fusion of meaningful melodies that assert these artists’ emotions.