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SCAMS – Add and Subtract

Yasmin Ali


Experimental rock and pop hybrid SCAMS unleash their dynamic second album Add and Subtract on October 8th on Devilduck Records. Only original member, frontman Andy Morgan’s passion for genre hopping has allowed SCAMS to push the boundaries for this album preventing them from becoming your standard rock band.

Pyramids is the first single to be released from Add and Subtract. Although Pyramids may be softer than your usual SCAMS song, it’s one of their best, with Morgan’s heartfelt vocals shining through. Meanwhile new single Lifeboats is a quirky little number with a bouncy rhythm all about getting away, which is infectious after just the first listen. In short, it would make the perfect festival anthem.

Nevertheless, it’s Chris Burgess who reveals himself to be one of the best drummers of his generation. On tracks such as It’s War his drumming creates a dark, tense atmosphere that will leave you with goosebumps. Whilst the sound of thrashing guitars on Colouring  gives insight into a heavier version of SCAMS, Lucky Day showcases the Leeds based band’s rock and roll edge.

Although Be A Gentleman has one hell of a killer guitar riff, it has a more upbeat sound than any other song on the album with a feel reminiscent of Vampire Weekend, giving the album diversity. Add and Subtract is a superb second album with beautifully honest songs wrapped in catchy melodies.