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Scarlette Fever Interview

Nichola Eastwood


With a single and album release scheduled for the first half of next year and plans for a tour, Scarlette Fever looks to have a very busy 2011. Ahead of this, we caught up with her to learn more about her music.

MTTM: Your single Crash & Burn is set for release on the 16th January.  How are you feeling about it?

Scarlette Fever: It’s one of my favourite songs from my album so I’m so excited that it’s being released!  I just hope that everyone else likes it.

MTTM: You’re also set to launch your album ‘Medication Time’ in Spring 2011.  How are you feeling about this release?  And what can fans expect from your debut?

Scarlette Fever: It’s a strange feeling like sending your kids off to their first day of school.  The thing that I love the most about the album is that it’s so eclectic.  There’s a song for so many different moments and moods.   That’s why I called it medication time; we all have our crutches to get through life: coffee to start the day, chocolate, wine (or maybe that’s just me) but music is my ultimate medication.

MTTM: You wrote Crash & Burn with Metrophonic.  How was the experience of co-writing a track?

Scarlette Fever: I love co-writing, it’s great to get different views and perspectives on life. 

MTTM: It says in your biography that you chose a music career over becoming a marine biologist. What drove you to make this choice?

Scarlette Fever: I’m not sure that it really was a choice I know that it’s a corny thing to say but I’m absolutely driven by music, it’s my obsession.

MTTM: This summer has seen you tour and perform alongside the likes of Robbie Williams.  How do you find touring? And how did it feel to share a stage with an act like Robbie Williams?

Scarlette Fever: I have a real love hate relationship with touring. It’s like a rollercoaster with incredible highs and lows. Ahhhhh Robbie… What a privilege it was to share a billing with him and he’s such a lovely guy. 

MTTM: You have a nationwide tour this month. How are you feeling about the upcoming shows? And what can fans expect from your performances?

Scarlette Fever: We’re doing lots of gigs at the moment but we’re not actually touring until next year. The boys in my band are all so lovely and such inspiring musicians I really look forward to our gigs they bring out the best in me.  What can fans expect? It’s all Rock and Roll baby.  

MTTM: Where do you find the inspiration for your music? And what is the song writing process like for you?

Scarlette Fever: Aside from my own daily dramas I look for inspiration everywhere: films, books, The Sun (Lovestruck was inspired by Mystic Meg) but ultimately my inspiration comes from people and their stories. I’m such a perfectionist, I love writing but I can agonize over lyrics for days, sometimes weeks.

MTTM: Finally, asides from your debut and the upcoming single what does the future hold for Scarlette Fever?

Scarlette Fever: I have no idea! I guess that’s up to you guys and whether or not you like what I do. All I do know is that whether I end up busking outside McDonalds somewhere or performing at the Albert Hall I’ll always work in music.