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Scoundrels – Sniff It Up EP

Lisa Bentley


Some bands make it easy for you.  They give you a sound, tone and texturewhich often makes them easy to pigeonhole. Not Scoundrels.  With different musical influences rife on their soon to be released EP Sniff It Up they are certainly no group catalogue to a particular style. You cannot fail to hear shades of a ‘Deep South’ tradition, yet it is blurred by modern day British indie rock.

Track One Just Can’t See It Through blazes you into the EP with an early Arctic Monkeys sounding guitar riff, very catchy and listenable. However, the mood instantly shifts with the next track Sniff it Up, which makes you feel like you should be listening to Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Arrogance Blues reeks of a southern sensibility akin to The Eagles, and although these are all great bands to be likened to it sadly won’t do them any favours in terms of establishing their individuality. A solid, if not confusing effort.