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Scoundrels – Scoundrels

Siobhanne Beattie


School pals Scoundrels – the first signing to the re-launched label, Blue Horizon – are scheduled to release their self-titled debut album later this month. By their own admission, the band are heavily influenced by blues, and are at home with a record label that helped launch the careers of Blondie and Fleetwood Mac, but what can we expect from their own album?

Just Can’t See It Through opens this hotly anticipated debut and sets the bar very nicely indeed. A furious guitar riff that wouldn’t have been out of place on Franz Ferdinand’s debut back in 2004 makes this track impossible not to tap your feet along too. Sniff It Up brings a healthy dose of 70s inspired guitar with an irresistible dirty riff, a la Super Tramp, and provides the perfect juxtaposition to the mellow, laid back vocal.

Outta Town Blues is an array of hand-clapping, tambourine, violin, and perky piano, and is the band’s obvious nod to their blues influences. The saxophone effortlessly avoids being cliche, and gives a welcome jazz vibe. Loud N Proud sounds like a band trying to desperately finish a song before the CD player explodes, oozing a zesty energy that is bound to go down a treat live, and Porno continues this fiery train of thought perfectly. However, recent single and closing track, Gulf Of Mexico presents a heartfelt, almost dreamlike side, and is a track that you simply cannot avoid melting right into.

Scoundrels brings a great deal more than your average and obvious blues-inspired album. Cunning use of various styles, instruments and sounds, make it extremely diffciult to pigeon-hole this band, so you’re never quite sure what’s coming next – but you can bet that’s it’s gonna be something great!