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Scouting For Girls – The Light Between Us

Amanda Lever


I was a little sceptical when I heard that Scouting For Girls were bringing out this new album. What more could they do? I’m sure, like many others, I thought their time was up. However, this album has definitely shut me up – just about.

It’s really a shame that this album is being released in September as it would have made the perfect summer soundtrack for any Scouting For Girls fan. With Summertime In The City being played all over the radio stations I half expected the rest of the album having a light, summery, breezy atmosphere. It’s a shame then that only Summertime In The City and Rains In L.A. really creates this easy-going, chilled out, beers in the sun feeling.

There are some rather disappointing tracks that I probably won’t be listening to all that often. Given it’s happy, go-lucky Scouting For Girls, there are some depressing tracks which don’t fit with the band’s happy-go-lucky style. Make This One Last, The Light Between Us and Six Degrees all seem to have the same pretty tedious vibe, and although the songs themselves aren’t all that bad, I’m sure I’m not the only who’d have preferred these be replaced with their notorious perky, up-beat tracks.

However the rest of the album did save it, with its crisp clear sound and a fresh presence on the rest of the tracks. It’s easy enough to skip past a couple of songs you’re not too keen on and I fell in love with the production work on the album which is faultlessly put together; more than compensating for the downbeat tracks. In short, it’s beautiful.

Overall the album does do itself justice, there’s really not a lot to criticize and the better half of the album makes you forget about the not-so-great odd couple of tracks. Definitely worth checking out.