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Sharon Martin Interview April 2012

Tess Askew


Glasgow based singer and songwriter Sharon Martin is just about to put out an EP. We caught up with Sharon to find out a little bit more…

MTTM: For those who aren’t in the know, could you provide us with a brief history of your musical career so far?

SM: I’m a singer/songwriter from Glasgow. I have played in bands since the age of 16 as lead vocalist including Handsome Dan, The Kingfishers (with members/ex members of Deacon Blue, Del Amitri, The Bluebells, Love and Money) and worked more recently as front woman for electro disco group Flesh, alongside Grammy winning record producer Steve Lironi. I’d now like to announce myself to everyone as a solo artist. I am fortunate to be backed by a fantastic band of top Scottish musicians (ex members Finley Quaye, Horse, Gun, Terra Diablo).

MTTM: And could you tell us a little about your forthcoming EP?

SM: The EP is a small compilation of songs from a huge pile I have written over the years. I wanted to put out a few tracks for some of the loyal fans who have followed the group for over 2 years now and I also wanted to make my music available to the general public. The songs are based on my experiences throughout the years…in love, in friendship, in humour. I feel most at one when speaking through music. I want people to connect to the songs and relate it to their own life experiences. The style of the songs go from edgy upbeat pop to rock to heartfelt acoustic. I would like to tug at the heart strings as well as get folk jumping out their seats!

MTTM: Your songs have quite a varied subject matter; can you tell us what has inspired your lyrics?

SM: My songs are inspired by anything from my own experiences to someone else’s. The song ‘Amelia’ was written about a story one of my male friends told me about an ex-girlfriend. He’s a bit of a tough guy and not very revealing about his feelings, so I was quite taken aback by the beautiful, heartfelt story… The copious amount of alcohol consumed that night had definitely helped loosen his tongue! Ha.

MTTM: Do you take inspiration from other artists?

SM: My dad was a big Tracy Chapman fan, so I grew up listening to her and became a huge fan myself. Her voice, profound lyricism and melody had a great impact on me. I remember thinking that if I could sing and write a song that could evoke emotion and touch people’s hearts like she does, then I would feel beyond accomplished… I guess that thought has always stuck with me. In my teens I loved Nirvana and all the Seattle grunge scene music. I love artists such as David Gray, The Cure, The Killers. Love The Beatles and Rolling Stones (but hey, who doesn’t)! I admire Snow Patrol’s style of songwriting.

MTTM: Where would you like to go from here?

SM: I want to get my music out on a much wider scale and let everyone hear what I have to offer, so I have a plan in place for this. I love playing live, so touring is definitely on the cards too.

MTTM: And where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

SM: I hope in 10 years, after putting my own music out successfully, I will be writing for other artists and providing original song for TV and film… Fingers crossed, eh?

MTTM: Thanks Sharon, we wish you all the best!