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She Keeps Bees – Dig On

Lisa Bentley


The music industry has become a fickle mistress over the past 20 years.  Gone are the days when a band can be attached to a label for years before one of their many releases becomes an out and out hit.  Nowadays, you have to have a number one record, a platinum selling album and a clothing range to be considered a success.  Artists and bands need to make a statement; a bold debut that will keep them in the public conscience long after a new trend has come along.

There are however, certain labels who do not buy into this throw away music culture and NAMES are one of those labels.  She Keeps Bees, a band attached to their roster will be giving them no worries in this capacity.  Their debut album is a bold entry into the current folk scene.  Intro song, Saturn Return, puts singer Jessica Larrabee firmly among the string of contemporary subtle powerhouse voices from young female singers trending, Anna Calvi, Joan Wasser of Joan As A Policewoman – not necessarily in a parity of styles but in profundity of delivery.

From beginning to end this album gets under your skin.  It is almost indescribable what you like about it but nevertheless it makes you search for the right words to extol its virtues.  Of course not all the praise can be held for Larrabee.  Sharing the stage is Andy LaPlant whose hypnotic drumming synergises Larrabee’s vocals and sultry guitar musicianship in a dark and twisty way, pulsing hedonistic playing which carves out a musical path which is not only exciting to listen to but the kind of music that you feel.  As a live band She Keeps Bees are going to blow you away.

The album is made for to be performed live.  It is hard to encourage you to listen to one or two songs to give you a taste of their flavour because they all scream for you to listen to them however You Found Out fabulously builds up the tension whereas Make You My Moon’s sinuous guitars lull you into a musical trance.  If the mellower end of indie isn’t really your thing but you are willing to give it a try then this is the album for you.  It won’t disappoint you as an entrée to the world of punk folk.