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Shudderpulps – Housebound EP

Becci Stanley


Bursting out of the underground music scene in London and Brighton alike with their dark, dangerous music influenced heavily by American underground garage, Shudderpulps are set to burst your ear drums with their latest E.P. Housebound is a dark exploration of punk and grunge stylings with an electronic edge.

Opening track Tenth dives in with a deep dark bass line before spacey, echoing vocals break the doom-mongering thuds to elevate the track from the gloom whilst retaining a raw edge with sharp guitar riffs against a clashing drum beat and an eclectic melody everchanging. However this musical mastery is let down slightly by the repetitive and really boring lyrics that make the song appear to drag out unnecessarily.

Kicker has an entirely different feel to it. Its intro is almost Motown-like, before the song flows into upbeat hooks and melodic vocals, taking on an alternative rock guise. This guise certainly suits them as the deep, swooning vocals wrap round the dampened drum beat and driving chords perfectly, especially during an instrumental interlude heavily reminiscent of “The Sun” by The Stranglers, oozing with a summery light-hearted feel.

Closing track Kings begins spookily with eerie, ominous vocals above quick, short bursts of chords. The off-note vocals strangely work within this song creating a Sex Pistols-style punk track in which only the message matters and the music is not taken too seriously. Easily the most powerful track on the E.P, the vocals make your spine tingle and ears wince against poignant and eerie at times spurts of guitars and the barely noticeable patter of the drums completely obliterated by the always heavily prominent bass hooks within the centre of this band.

Though boring at times, this E.P is a valiant effort from a band who describes themselves simply as “three human men who use a guitar, a bass and drums to make music”. A humble description, though they are so much more than this, they have experimented interestingly and created a stand out E.P. Looking forward to more stuff in the future.

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