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Slaves To Gravity – Underwaterouterspace

Lauren Corona


Underwaterouterspace (yes, that’s all one word) is the second album from hard rock four-piece, Slaves to Gravity. Formed in 2006, from the ashes of Ariel-X and The GaGas, the London based band have gone from strength to strength, and have received glowing praise from the mainstream alternative music press. Despite this, the record is generic at best. Or perhaps I have that backwards, maybe said praise is indicative of the band’s generic sound. That all depends on how you feel about major rock magazines, I suppose.

But, I digress. That is an issue for another day. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you’re looking for a band with big riffs, catchy choruses and a distinct absence of substance, Slaves to Gravity won’t disappoint. You could turn on just about any one of the tracks on Underwaterouterspace, nod your head in time with the chunky, chugging guitar lines and sing along to the melodic chorus. But, if you’re looking for something more than that, this record doesn’t really deliver.

If I were going to compare them to anyone (which is what I’m about to do, so hold tight), I’d say they sound like a slightly toned down and more heavily produced Velvet Revolver. The problem with this band is that they don’t really sound like they LOVE what they’re doing. More like they’re trying to tick all the appropriate boxes that their chosen style dictates. You’ve got the catchy hooks, the crunchy riffs, the gratuitous solo in just the right place, the boring as hell lyrics about drinking, having a cigarette, depression and some girl. Throw in a bandana and a soul patch and you’re just about set.

On the plus side, the songs aren’t that long, so if you do end up listening to this album, you won’t have wasted too much of your time.


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