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Spring Offensive – Young Animal Hearts

Ella Scott


Oxford has spouted out another band set to keep the world on the edge of its seat. A group of lads naming themselves Spring Offensive, from the city of dreaming spires, have waited eight years to release their debut record Young Animal Hearts. However, it won’t be very long before the UK is howling their lyrics underneath the stars.

The album eerily opens up to the striking image conveyed by Not Drowning But Waving; a desperate wrestle with a guilt-ridden conscious. It’s a track that simply heaves beauty. Intensity builds through the effortless guitar riff and harmonising vocal, before ripping into the heart of this bleak anecdote. 52 Miles also has similar connotations of suffering. “I’ve got what I need/but it’s not what I want” is softly uttered before the track explodes; radiating emotion while filling the listener with nostalgia.

Classic indie guitar and staggered vocals are incorporated on Something Unkind and Bodylifting; which boasts a looping chorus that’s impossible to ignore. The infectious guitar riff is subtly diluted on No Assests; one of their first tracks that speaks from the heart.

As the album continues to soar, all the hard-work and dedication of the last eight years begins to ooze out, especially on Henglo – a Guillemots-esque track that has already proved popular on SoundCloud. Dealing with the relatable issue of scraping money together is what makes the song so connective and a definite highlight of the album.

However, the moment that gels the entire album together, is delivered through Speak. This mammoth track pulsates energy and enthusiasm, whilst cementing why Spring Offensive really are the UK’s next big band.

The colossal debut album from Spring Offensive has outdone itself and has surpassed its eight-year expectations. The UK can begin to rest well in the thought that the future of music is held in the quintet’s palms.