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Stagecoach Interview June 2011

Alice Weavers


Having performed at Reading and Leeds, toured with Twin Atlantic and played at Maida Vale studios, Stagecoach have already achieved a lot in their musical career. We caught up with the band to find out more…

MTTM: Why did you decide to change from your initial sound of acoustic folk to grunge-pop?

Stagecoach: I guess it just evolved over time as we added more instruments and members. It was never a conscious decision but I’m pleased with the beast it’s become. You never really notice things change until you compare current songs to early recordings then you see a massive gulf. It’s like our songs grew teeth.

MTTM: How does it feel to have strong support from BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens?

Stagecoach: Amazing! Huw has been very supportive having had us in for a session and asking us along to Reading and Leeds. He seems to be a genuine fan. It’s really great that the BBC invests so much in unsigned and unknown bands. We’ve had other friends get their records played from just sending them direct to Huw too, he must go through the lot! He seems to really care and get excited in the same way John Peel did.

MTTM: In February, Radio 1 took you to the legendary Maida Vale Studios, what was it like recording a session there?

Stagecoach: Unbelievable! I’ve listened to so many sessions from Maida Vale over the years. When I was a kid I listened to the Evening Session with Lamacq and Wiley every night while doing my homework and all the sessions were recorded there. It was up there with the very best days of my life for sure and the BBC staff were amazing. The list of bands the producer had recorded made me weep.

MTTM: What was it like playing at Reading & Leeds Festivals last year?

Stagecoach: Again unbelievable. I was nervous for about 30 seconds before we started then had the best time of my life. The set seemed to fly by in 5 minutes. We got to watch Phoenix from the side of the NME stage too and I was standing next to Sofia Coppola which was pretty mad.

MTTM: What festival are you most looking forward to playing this summer?

Stagecoach: 2000 Tree’s has a brilliant line up for an independent festival. We have lots of friends playing too so it will be lovely to catch up with everyone and sink a few ciders. I’ve heard such good things about it that it’s bound to be a winner.

MTTM: You’ve toured with Johnny Foreigner and Twin Atlantic, so do you have any good tour stories?

Stagecoach: We have a running tour game of stealing each others’ phones and texting the promoter or soundman on the way to the gig with sexy messages and pics. It’s getting a bit out of control these days. No one has been offended yet but it’s only a matter of time. The lady at Dot to Dot got a picture of a hunk in red pants with the message “Hi! John bass player of Stagecoach here. We should arrive in about half an hour. Can’t wait to see you babes! <3 xxxx”

MTTM: What other bands are you listening to at the moment?

Stagecoach: The past couple of weeks lots of these, Alessi’s Ark, The Xcerts, Tall Ships and Dutch Uncles.

MTTM: Do you have any plans for an album soon?

Stagecoach: We hope to record it this year although we don’t know how it will be released, who will produce it or on what label yet. We’re open to suggestions and offers. I guess half of it is written but there is a still lot of work to do. Hopefully it will have both fast and slow songs and like all good albums take the listener on a bit of a journey. One song – Video Shop – is already sounding epic.