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State Champs – Overslept EP

Becci Stanley


Despite this being just a 4 track EP, and a minor release by the New Yorkers after Apparently, I’m Nothing, I would undoubtedly say that Overslept is one of the best releases so far this year. It shows pop-punk at its absolute finest; fast and sunny splashes of guitar, deafening drums, more hooks than a fisherman’s set up and utterly relatable lyrics. This E.P has all of this and more to boot in the form of raw talent.

Intro track Tonsil Hockey slowly builds from feedback into guitars in a vibe akin to The Story So Far, blending seamlessly into first single from the EP, Critical. I find it hard to describe my love for this song, it has it all. It follows on brilliantly from the previous track with guitars then brings in blindingly brilliant vocals. Swapping between different parts of the song in a jerky fashion that works, it switches between pure guitars to vocals alone before the second chorus in a way that is not usually shown in this style of music. It demonstrates a struggle between two musical stylings and matches the lyrics perfectly describing the trials and turbulences of life itself. Meanwhile the drumming within this song pierces the ears and continues to do so throughout every track on the EP.

Third & fourth tracks We Are the Brave & Remedy show the band at their finest. Both showing strong and out there guitars and drums, whilst showcasing slow, steady and sweet instrumentals that lull you into a false sense of security, before the explosion of instruments and vocal ability in one sunny assault. In my eyes, it is definitely the vocals that really make this band stand out, the talent is absolutely outstanding and it sets them out from most pop-punk bands around at the minute, and this is disregarding the messages that they put across, as it is easy to get lost in the voice you are hearing.

Purely from this EP, I’ve come to expect massive things from this band. They have the potential to go far, definitely one to look out for in the future.