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Such Gold – Misadventures

Becci Stanley


After a soul-crushing 2011 for the Rochester, New York born group, 2012 could surely only be looking up, and judging by this debut full length release it certainly is. In just under half an hour, this motley of pop-punk and hardcore tunes shows just how far the band has come after a series of LPs and Splits and how they stand out from other generic hardcore and pop punk bands alike.

Vocalist Ben Kotin’s voices pushes all known boundaries or strength and volume throughout every track and deliver’s each heartfelt word with blistering clarity and passion. This is strikingly noticeable on both starting track Two Year Plan and Tell Yourself which both instantly relatable once blasting out the speakers. It also demonstrate guitarists Nate Derby and Skylar Sarkis’ leaps and bounds technologically, which could make listeners both new and old bounce around the room like a pogo stick attached to a rocket.

Other key tracks are that of Survival of the Fondest which incorporates particularly impressive stick work from drummer Devan Bentley, also noticeable on Two year plan and, quite frankly in doses on every single one of the tracks. Not to forget, last unmentioned member of the band, bassist Devan Hubbard’s heavy introductions before Understand and Forget and Locked Out of the Theatre which shows the darker and thrashier elements of hardcore which drives the light guitar riffs and technical drum beats of pop punk in this instantly loveable, infectious and overall interesting mix.

Despite this, as the album goes on, it is easy to lose interest if you do not persevere as a lot of the tracks feature very similar characteristics and offer little variety. Therefore for new fans who have not heard the exceptional back catalogue Such Gold has to offer, it is hard to distinguish which tracks stand out without repeat listening. Despite this, this record is a brilliant start for the group, though is only a little insight into which this lively and talented band have to offer.