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Sucioperro – The Reflexes of the Dead EP

Nuala Swan


I love a good accent on a song. More specifically a Scottish accent, and even more specifically a West of Scotland accent; basically, if you’re from one of the Scottish towns that I can reach from Glasgow Central, I’m going to like your voice.

So imagine my joy when I hit play on the first track of this EP (or single as its described on the band’s website) and a braw Ayrshire accent filled my room. That voice belongs to JP Reid, Sucioperro’s lead singer, in addition to being one half of duo Marmaduke Duke with another dulcet toned Ayrshire lad, Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil.

My joy wasn’t short lived; the first and title track of the EP is Reflexes of the Dead, which starts off slow and simple, allowing the listener to enjoy JP’s voice, before kicking in with the full band about a third of the way in. A reflection on a past relationship that thankfully avoids the melodramatic pitfalls so often associated with such a subject, it’s a good start to my introduction to the band. The track also features on the band’s current album, The Heart String & How to Pull It.

Next up is Puppets, a song that’s very different from the first, and probably my favourite on the EP. It’s full of repetitive beats that stick in the mind, and to-the-point lyrics that do the same. There’s another swift change of pace with the next two tracks, the upbeat We Take Cover from the Trouble We’re In, and the more acoustic sounding, I Love It When Stevie Dances, which opens with the brutal lyric “Let me get straight to the point/ I wouldn’t fuck you in a month of Sundays”. The EP is rounded off with Finally Found It, which opens with an enjoyable synthy vibe, and the wish-it-was-longer Send Away the Wolves, which is the song most akin to the first track, and a good note to finish on.

This is a strong release for what is essentially a single with 5 B-sides, and makes me wonder what that new album of theirs has to offer.