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Sum 41 – Screaming Bloody Murder

Amy Buxton


There are a few things that Sum 41 can be accused of, but indulging in the national music sport of ‘coat tail riding’ is not one of them. Like many artists before them, it would have been easy for the Canadian rockers to simply replicate the easily-accessible pop-punk melodies that bought them fame and fortune on their second album All Killer No Filler. Instead they have morphed and adapted their musical style just enough to keep the fans and critics happy whilst maintaining a quality that is still very much in the Sum 41 camp.

Their latest release Screaming Bloody Murder has seen the band continue their musical journey into deeper and darker depths. Their last album Underclass Hero saw a return to their pop-punk habits and it is obvious from the album title alone that is going to be a slightly more sombre affair in comparison. Whilst there are a few potential chart-penetrators such as Blood In My Eyes and the title track, the album is also peppered with more melodic and slower numbers such as Crash and What Am I To Say . The only noticeable downside with the album is it seems to lose its sense of direction and pace slightly mid-record; the songs that appear there seem to lack any particular energy and it feels more like a warm-up to the last few songs, where thankfully the record finds its figurative feet again.

Whilst the album is not so diverse to the point of being deemed batshit crazy, from the album cover inwards it is a darker and undoubtedly more mature record  from  the band that once performed hair metal parodies. It is certainly a decent output for a band that has spent many years attempting to shake off a cookie-cutter pop-punk image. Mission accomplished.