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Focus on Festivals: T In The Park 2012

Kimberley Manderson


T in the Park is Scotland’s festival giant running for almost 20 years, but this year, the festival which takes place from July 6-8 hasn’t quite managed to sell out yet.

It’s a bit of a mystery as to why.  It’s got a stellar line-up and the same layout, stages and planning that have seen the festival not only sell out in hours, but grow in size in previous years. In fact, over the last five years or so people have been crying out for T in the Park organisers to increase the festival’s capacity further.

In this difficult economic time, T organisers are still managing to put on one hell of a show for everyone to enjoy. Being a festival biggie, T in the Park appeals to the masses, with its main stage featuring some of today’s hottest pop-rock acts such as headliners Kasabian and Snow Patrol, as well as old favourites Stone Roses, New Order and Happy Mondays. But there is so much more on offer than the bog-standard, big-name line up, with pop acts such as McFly and Jessie J doing a turn while a whole host of new artists grace the BBC Introducing stage and dance acts old and new take over the Slam Tent.

T in the Park also boasts some pretty good green credentials with its cup recycling scheme offering 10p for every returned (intact!) cup. That’s a free drink every 30 cups or so. Also onsite is Healthy T, offering an alternative to typical festival junk food with juice bars, sushi, local meats, fish and fruit and veg aplenty.

According to many T-loyals (myself included) there’s just no atmosphere quite like it. A lot of Scottish culture is infused in the festival, from the traditional Irn Bru and fried breakfasts available at the catering stalls, the Tennants lager(!), Ceilidh Tent and quite often kilt-clad members of rock royalty, right down to the lone piper accompanying the closing fireworks.

So if you’re after a big festival experience with green credentials and a massive dollop of Scottish culture, T in the Park is the festival for you in 2012.



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