It is impossible for me to hear T Rex’s We Love To Boogie without tapping my feet along to the beat.  And, it’s not exclusive to that track alone!

I discovered the glitzy glam of Marc Bolan and his band about ten years ago at fifteen and fell instantly in love with the infectious vibe of T Rex’s back catalogue and still turn to their tracks frequently nowadays when I’m having an off day or when I’m in ‘party mode’ at the weekend.  Their catchy, sunny style never fails to cheer me up and make me dance and smile.

Universal Music is paying homage to T Rex with the re-issue of “Electric Warrior” in special multi-format editions (including vinyl) to celebrate forty years of Glam Rock.

Originally released in 1971, “Electric Warrior” was T Rex’s second studio album and topped the UK chart twice in December 1971 and again in February 1972.

This very special collection boasts singles, b-sides and rarities, bonus tracks and demos set to delight fans of the Glam Rock era.

Not having discovered T Rex myself until the early noughties, I didn’t need proof that Marc Bolan’s music has stood the test of time, however, if I housed any doubts they would have abated in late 2008.  I introduced my staff in a local coffee shop to T Rex’s Glam Rock sound.  Living on a strict and limited diet of current pop, rap or R’n’B, a band wearing platforms and glitter eyeshadow was heartily scoffed at but within a few weeks we had a team of “bopping waitresses” toe-tapping along to the best of “21st Century Boy” and “Metal Guru”. T Rex became a permanent iPod fixture…..on repeat!

Over thirty years after his tragic and premature death, Marc Bolan’s sound and style continues to delight fans across the globe and inspire many bands that have followed in T Rex’s platform-wearing steps and this very special edition of “Electric Warrior” is a true testament to T Rex’s lasting legacy and a fitting introduction of their music to a whole new generation of young music fans.

“Electric Warrior” is available via Universal Music from Monday 23rd April 2012.