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Teardrop Factory – Topshop EP

Mollie Carberry


Imagine being shrouded in a hazy, confusing but effortlessly cool fog; this is the effect that Teardrop Factory manage to create. The Brighton-based trio release first effort The Topshop EP on May 27th through digital download, but with an added novelty of only 300 copies available on 7” vinyl, via independent label Faux Discx.

Teardrop Factory describe their music as lo-fi pop, but on the whole it is extremely difficult to pigeon-hole. Muted vocals, echoing electric guitar and the general messy emptiness of it all makes you feel like you’re inside a claustrophobic bubble of angst. Better Company and Vanity Unfair have a fuzzy, distorted quality that is completely unique. However, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys poetic and creative lyrics then perhaps Teardrop Factory are not for you; the vocals are so hazy they become indistinguishable, and blend into the music itself. Stolen Skull and title track Topshop are perhaps more widely likeable and accessible; the lyrics are actually coherent and the melodies are instantly catchy.

Overall it seems Teardrop Factory have perfected the art of glum teenage moodiness without it becoming downright depressing. The Topshop EP is completely unlike anything currently in the charts, and this could work in their favour, opening people’s ears to a new type of gritty indie rock. There is a risk of their music becoming dull and repetitive, but if listened to in small doses it is a perfectly enjoyable debut EP. There is definitely an opening for a grungy, distorting, Sonic Youth influenced artist, and maybe Teardrop Factory will be the one to fill this space.