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Teleman – Breakfast

Ella Scott


Since their mammoth support slot with Newcastle’s Maximo Park; London-based Teleman are rapidly rising in the ranks to be crowned the most exciting band of 2014. With the initial surfacing of their game-changing single Christina– a captivating, less-is-more song – the world reveled in Teleman’s brilliance, but questioned whether the band had peaked too soon.

Following the already adored opening track Christina is the infectious In Your Fur and heavily electronically influenced Steam Train Girl. As the debut’s main component is the haunting, definitive vocal of Thomas Sander, both of these tracks play to the band’s main strength while still drawing subtle contrast between sounds; sparking interest from the onset.

“Stumbling around with my shoelaces untied” moans the emotion-filled Sander on Lady Low, signalling a delicate, longing saxophone call across the track. The dramatic shift of sound from this arousing track to the 80’s inspired Skeleton Dance is a phenomenal transition and nothing less than an accomplishment. These two completely contrasting tracks recognise and highlight that Teleman’s Breakfast isn’t just a one-trick-pony, but instead, a genre-hopping triumphant masterpiece.

The definitive moment of Breakfast is presented in the form of mammoth track 23 Floors Up. This particular synthesized-curdling track is about to explode, and force the Londoners into the mainstream. You’d be a fool not to believe the hype.

Penultimate track Redhead Saturday steadily grows to gigantic proportions before the spellbinding “ooo’s” planted in the background, cement spectacular images in the listeners mind. On closing track Travel Day; where we see again a more alterative side to Teleman; the band manage to add another stripe of originality to their already exceptional sound. Travel Day also offers a hidden surprise after a sudden silence, which is sure to make fans weep with pleasure.

Breakfast is simply a breath-taking masterpiece. The originality of the four-piece makes waves throughout their debut album; creating a firm, solid foundation for the band to thrust themselves even further into the hearts of already adoring fans. One thing’s for certain – Breakfast is one of the strongest albums released this year.