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The American Scene – Safe For Now

Becci Stanley


2013 is fast becoming THE year for The American Scene; about to embark on their first UK tour with angry pop-punkers The Story So Far and just in time for the release of their second full-length Safe For Now. The American Scene have been cruising along the undercurrent of pop-punk for quite some time now, compared to bands like Transit and Seahaven which they share a similar ambient, anguished sound with. Yet I am certain this album will propel the California bunch to the heights they deserve.

Opening track Just Say It sways from soothing and scathing instrumentals, clashing melodically against one other, then sharply contrasting to the sharp prang of a singular guitar string, and vocalist Matt Vincent caressing your ear drums with his lulling vocals. This style is also shown in sunny belter Hungry Hands, though this is not a style that runs throughout the album which you would normally expect of a pop punk band, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Sombre Untitled accentuates the bleak lyricism displayed with the sharp prangs and repetitive of a guitar in beautiful harmony with slightly echoing vocals; it is easy to close your eyes to this song and drift away in the intimate current it creates. Jolted straight out of your comfort zone, Used To You with its toe-tapping and electrifying beat offers a glimmer of hope within its lyrics before shifting into firm fan favourite Safe For Now.

Safe For Now starts almost hauntingly, you await the storm following the calm and you are not disappointed. The song rises and falls from slow and harmonious to loud and passionate carried by beautiful vocals, the impressive finger work from guitars demonstrated prominently throughout the album and coarse crash of the drums interwoven into the mix, almost hidden so a listener must fully engage with the track to fully appreciate the artistic beauty within.

The album finishes by all accounts on an emotional high. It demonstrates that this band doesn’t just have masterful vocals to carry the tracks to superb heights; it shows that each member in their own right is a talented and superb musician. I can’t wait to see this album absolutely destroy stages both in the UK in the upcoming months, and eventually across the globe.