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The Band Perry Q & A July 2013

Jo Cox


Pioneer is released in the UK on June 10th. When things are so good for you in the States and you’re achieving platinum record status what compels you to still try and break into what is quite a niche market over here?

Kimberly: We are very competitive and goal oriented in The Band Perry. We’ve always wanted to take our music across an ocean and working hard to win the UK heart is very important to the three of us. We believe music is a universal language; it’s the most rewarding feeling to be a part of that conversation internationally.

What do you think makes you different from any of the other artists that have tried and struggled?

Reid: We still don’t allow ourselves to accept that we’ve broken through even here in the United States. The moment an artist gets comfortable with what they’ve already done, they stop reaching with that ‘breaking-artist’ fervor to do even more. Breaking through in the UK and Europe is us striving to grow. The three of us have made a commitment to be in the UK and be there often – you must be present to win. I’m so glad we’ve chosen to do this from the very beginning instead of waiting until later in our careers.

Is it important for you to write your own material as well as performing? Do you like cutting songs that others have written?

Kimberly: We write most everything. Anytime we are making an album though, we also listen to songs which writers that we love and respect have penned, to see if it’s a good fit for The Band Perry. Our job title is “Chief Storytellers”. We have to have lived it, or felt it, or believe it deep down to tell the story honestly and effectively.

Which songs have you come away from this album feeling most proud of?

Neil: The title track Pioneer is one we are really proud of; it was our lifeline throughout the writing and recording process. It’s about a journey. I remember we played it for the first time in Manchester, England. The next night we played in London and a group of girls who had been at the show the night before came back out. When we played Pioneer they held up a sign that said “WE WON’T HUSH” (one of our favorite lines from the song). THAT was the moment we knew the new album should be called Pioneer. We were like – yes they get it! You guys inspire us!

You’ve already had the chance to collaborate with and support some big artists,¬†who would be your dream duet and why?

All: We would love to do something with Emeli Sande or Bruno Mars. Big fans of those artists!


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