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The Blind Hearts – The Crying Shame EP

Lisa Bentley


The Blind Hearts are back with their new EP The Crying Shame. The EP is made up of four tracks which play up to their troubadour style. The hillbilly beats and guitar sound is juxtaposed with an almost indie by way of pop panache. Indeed, it is the kind of music that helps bridge the snobbish gap between those two genres.

The eponymous track hits you with its ragamuffin tone which swiftly segues into track two (Oh Lord and I) Keep On Losing which is enjoyable to listen to but boasts the EP’s second use of the dastardly fade away. Track three sees the music shift slightly; it still has a country vagabond style but has a soul filled rhythm section which sounds very similar to Stevie Wonder classic Superstition. Enjoyable but once again the fade out is used.

The only downsides to the EP is that the band seem to struggle with ending the songs. They use the fade away technique on three of the four songs which suggests that they do not know how to complete their song to a confident conclusion; when they do close their song correctly it does feel a bit abrupt and leaves you hanging on the precipice waiting for something more. Even though you know it is only a four track EP, the end comes as a bit of a surprise. You are expecting – maybe even wanting – more.

In turn this leads me to think that the EP may have played better as an album or at least included a couple more songs to make the ending feel less sudden. Still, overall it showcases the band and what they can do. It is thematically solid and stylistically tight. There are no grand surprises so you are comfortable with the music and confident with what you are getting from the band.