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The Bohicas – The Making Of

Kimberley Manderson


Recently nominated for Best New Act at the Q music awards, TheBohicas are whipping up quite the reputation for themselves with their electric live performance and their Frankenstein-esque mashup of blues, rock and psychedelic grunge that makes up their sound. Doesn’t really sound like it would work does it? Sounds a little bit like too much would be going on at once and none of it would be perfected? Think again after listening to their latest offering, The Making Of.

I Do It For Your Love creates a brooding and gloomy atmosphere with an intense bass line introduction and echoing vocals cutting sharply through the noise, reverberating against the bass to create a trance aura before the harsh chords and thrashing drums cut the illusion abruptly short over and over weaving in and out from loud to silent over and over like rolling waves.

To Die For eases into the album less jerkily with a slow and winding tempo over whining vocals and nifty fret work that steadily reaches a thrashing crescendo after multiple renditions of its catchy and thoroughly rock and roll chorus before moving into Only You and Girlfriend slowing the album right down with their powerful blues roots immediately bringing out the strong vocals and soul in any listener as you find yourself shimmying along to the sexy and brooding tracks, crooning along to boot.

Smack bang in the middle of the album, The Making Of showcases everything each member of The Bohicas is talented at through and through showing a range of vocals from harmonious, screeching highs to raging, raw lows, the heartbeat of the bass beating in time with your own, the crashing full stops of the drums and razor sharp guitar hooks. Singles Swarm and XXX that gave The Bohicas that first push into the limelight shine once more in all their fist-pumping, vocal-chord-tearing glory encapsulating a whole stars worth of energy and more to boot before the final climax which is Somehow You Know What I Mean getting you hyped once more and proving once and for all that the title of this album is incredibly apt, because it will indeed be the making of this band.

By this release you can understand why The Bohicas have been making shockwaves in the alternative music scene and why they are given so much credit; their music is a breath of fresh air amongst many stale new acts and they have mastered it and show true passion for what they do.