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The Colours Interview September 2011

Kimberley Manderson


They may have only formed last year, but The Colours have already signed to Hey Bert Records and released several free downloads. Launching into the story of their Primark-inspired band name, The Colours clearly had a lot to talk about.

MTTM: What was the idea behind ‘The Colours’ as a band name?

The Colours: We were originally going to be ‘Dancing Bear’. Jake and Ben were in Primark, and doubting the ‘Dancing Bear’ name, they came up with ‘The Colours’ after seeing a whole wall dedicated to different coloured pumps.

MTTM: Why should people listen to The Colours?

The Colours: ‘Cause hopefully we’re a band that make people happy?  It’s a difficult question, without sounding cocky. The scene at the moment in Blackpool, and many parts of the UK, feels a little same-old-same-old. I’d like to think we offer something for people who want to try something different instead of what’s being offered to them.

MTTM: You’ve mentioned before that you’re not particularly influenced by the North-West music scene, despite hailing from Blackpool. So where do your influences come from and why?

The Colours: I think they come from the scene down south with the likes of The Maccabees, Foals, Friendly Fires, Bloc Party, The XX etc. We just all have the same taste in music, which all happens to be bands from down south. I don’t think we really have anything against Northern bands; we really like The Futureheads, Little Comets, Maximo Park, The Wombats, Joy Division, The Smiths. We’ve always been massive fans of music, it’s just luck that we used to and, still do, love the same type of bands.

MTTM: People have linked you to Bombay Bicycle Club and Two Door Cinema Club. How do you feel about that?

The Colours: We all love them both, so I guess we take it as a compliment. Bombay Bicycle Club’s new album is one of the best things we’ve heard all year!

MTTM: You recently added your music tech, Gerald Buckfield, to your line-up. How has that changed you both as a band and musically?

The Colours: Four minds are better than three, especially when that mind is musically trained. He just seemed too good at what he was doing, to not be in a band or making music, and he’s fitted in pretty much perfectly.

MTTM: Why did you decide to give away your demo tracks as free downloads?

The Colours: We want to give them away to advertise the new EP and so people have a chance to listen to some new material, as we haven’t had anything new recorded in a while. Also, I think we like the idea of giving something back to all the people that do like us, and that have come to our gigs and paid into venues and travel etc. We will give free music away at any given opportunity; it’s the way we’ve always been really.

MTTM: You recently signed with a new record label, Hey Bert Records. What brought that on?

The Colours: Well, I think they liked us? Haha, we’ve already found them to be a big help, so we’re happy.

MTTM: When can we expect an EP or future releases from the Colours?

The Colours: A pleasant change consisting of a clearer sounding voice, better production and, most importantly, new material. So get your dancing shoes on!