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The Cure – Bestival Live 2011

Lisa Bentley


For avid gig goers there are some sets that you just wish you had been able to see. To have been  in the audience when Oasis played Knebworth; when Nirvana rocked it at Leeds and Reading; when Queen brought the glamour of rock and roll at Live Aid to name but a few. These are the moments that make us shake our head in awe and utter that bittersweet phrase “Man, I wish I had been there for that one.” When The Cure graced the stage at this year’s Bestival their set promised to become part of that grand tradition.

Currently celebrating their 35th year as a band fronted by Robert Smith, who is no stranger to the turnstile nature of musicians, however his consistency as the multifaceted member has saw him produce classic lyrics, musicianship, vocals as well as acting as maintaining frontman status. It could be said that The Cure has been a labour of love however longevity speaks volumes and fans of the band know of their importance on the current music scene. It could be said that they were part of the original ‘Emo’ rockers and without The Cure we wouldn’t have this whole subculture of music today. Their Bestival headlining spot in 2011 signified the bands relevance on contemporary music and proved that they still have so much more to give.

The 32 track album features the bands greatest hits including The Lovecats, Friday I’m In Love and Inbetween Days all of which are littered throughout the set list. The Cure has the back catalogue and integrity of musicianship to not withhold the “Money Tracks” for the encore. For those of us who weren’t there this is an album we can listen to and almost smell the festival (it has that special scent that gives you a feeling that only a headline act of a festival can give) and for those of us that were lucky enough to see this set then this is a great album to listen to and remember those special summer moments with the people and a band you will never forget.

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