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The Dark Plains – Come On And Get Some

Laura Lloyd


The Plymouth based trio known as The Dark Plains released their debut EP Come On and Get Some back in February this year. Although a small and not well known band, this 5 track wonder shows the influence that bands such as Nirvana, Soundgarden and The Foo Fighters have had over the creation of their music as well as teaming grungy rock sounds with facile lyrics which grabs the listener’s attention immediately.

The opening track, Get Some, sends the album off to an exciting and flying start and is a true showcase of what to expect from the rest of the album and from the band themselves. Lead singer Andy Heath’s voice emits a grungy and raspy undertone whilst the guitar riffs and drum beat reminisce those that can be heard in Nirvana’s Bleach and also show that the band start as they mean to go on.

Throughout the rest of the album The Dark Plains manage to continuously show what they do best with their heavy and catchy rock guitar riffs, pounding drum beats and simple, rhythmic lyrics that are easy to get caught up in and sing along to. The EP finishes softly on the song Wise Fool which is opened by some light guitar fingering and soft lyrics sung over the top. Although the song speeds up towards the middle, it represents the diversity that The Dark Plains have considered in the creation of their album and if there was one song which stands out from the whole EP, it would without a doubt be Wise Fool.

However, it is important to consider that The Dark Plains are not offering guitar riffs, drum beats and songs that we haven’t heard before, they are in fact offering something that, for a long time, the music world has gone without and they have portrayed it excellently throughout 5 songs. It is unquestionable that this band holds the potential to grow way beyond the Plymouth scene.


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