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The Dirt Tracks Interview October 2011

Kimberley Manderson


What do you do when the music industry in your native country is seemingly dying? With the Spanish population seemingly expecting all music to come free to them, bands are fleeing the country hoping to forge a more fruitful career elsewhere. We caught up with The Dirt Tracks to learn more about their situation…

MTTM: So you are an English-speaking Spanish indie band. That’s quite unique over here, but is that quite common in Spain?

The Dirt Tracks: It’s much more common now than ten years ago when we first started out.

MTTM: Can you tell us about the situation in the Spanish Music Industry at the moment?

The Dirt Tracks: The music industry is changing all along the world, and so it does in Spain. Where it will go next is very difficult to predict, but you can think of it as a threat or as an opportunity, and we think it is an opportunity.  So we are working very hard on growing every day and trying to do our best through our own way.

MTTM: What do you hope to get out of moving to the UK?

The Dirt Tracks: Currently we still live in Spain, but if necessary we would change our base to the most suitable country for our music. It is still too soon to decide where, although the UK would be a likely candidate. We love the people, the country, the music scene…

MTTM: Why did you choose to try and break the UK market as opposed to elsewhere in Europe?

The Dirt Tracks: We went to the UK, because most of the music we love comes from there and we thought our style could fit in very well. So we made it happen and came back home with some great experiences.

MTTM: What’s your sound like and where do you think it fits in the UK music scene?

The Dirt Tracks: Our sound is really unique, and there have many hours of hard work behind it. With regards on where it fits best, it is very difficult to place us but we have found out during the tour that people are reminded of different bands… this may be because of our great variety of influences.

MTTM: So when can we expect some UK releases and gigs?

The Dirt Tracks: We have already been on tour and the feeling is so good, that we will come back for sure. Also we’re planning some releases, of course.

MTTM: You’ve already been together for a few years, but where do you think The Dirt Tracks will be two years from now?

The Dirt Tracks: We hope that we will be wherever our work takes us. The tricky thing with the music industry is that we do not know the direction it’s heading in. So what remains is hard work, and many, many more gigs…