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The Earl Grey – We Are Young

Becci Stanley


After tirelessly touring all across France with the likes of You Me At Six & Mayday Parade, and releasing 2010 E.P In This Memory, solo act of Alex Teg AKA The Earl Grey storms the international music scene with the pop rock and pop punk fusion that is, We Are Young. This album is bound to propel the poppy outfit into the stratosphere as is demonstrates beautifully crafted lyrics and instrumentals infused with a strongly evident passion for music, and an ode to his influences.

Intro track Heart of Glass kicks in with hair raising gang vocals before sunny synth and contrasting, clashing guitars storm in creating an automatically infectious aura making your feet tap to the beat independently from your body. Teg’s voice shows noticeable improvement from earlier releases, it has always been great don’t get me wrong, but it now raises the song to soaring new heights, especially during the chorus bellowing “silence” through your ears making your mind shut off to all else, and focus solely on the lyrics beyond the music. After the raucous yet melodic uproar of the song, it ends soothingly and hauntingly with simple whispering and the tinkling of guitar chords, lulling the listener.

Stand out tracks to me, amongst all others, would be We Are Young itself and Special because of very slight elements, barely noticeable to the ears, which really break the mould of the album. Guest vocals from French outfit Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! bring the breakdown to what would seem to be a summery and light hearted track. The contrast of synth against the dirge of guitars, gutturals against the power of the melody provide a treat for the ears and show that The Earl Grey are capable of so much more than has previously been seen, and stepping out of his comfort zone really does work.

Completely different Special, starts with a rather special array of noises, similar to that of splashing in puddles whilst doing your zip, immediately throwing you out of your own bubble. The deeply heartfelt and emotional lyrics are carried harmoniously with the tinkling of a piano and slightly husky vocals tugging on the heartstrings. The album covers every milestone of emotion, and ends on a perfect crescendo letting the listener rise and fall with every note.

Closing track All I want to Say starts almost like a musical number from the theatre stage itself, the simple singular note of a piano key focusing the ears on the simplistic lyrics being rendition, before falling effortlessly into full instrumentals, guitars, synth, piano, bass and drums all working in unison to end the album powerfully, technically brilliantly. For a small time artist, this is a superb release showcasing everything that could possibly work for an artist, bound to be a favourite over stages all over France, Europe and the globe very soon!