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The Epstein – I Held You Once EP

Nuala Swan


EPs are great, aren’t they? The band have to convey to the listener what they’re all about in just a few tracks, so there’s no time for filler. Or those annoying intro tracks that don’t feel as though they qualify as songs, but you feel obliged to listen to, at least the first time, for fear of being rude. No, with an EP you get ploughed right into the music, and if you don’t like, why, then you’ve barely wasted any time out of your life at all.

If you’re lucky, you will stumble across an EP like this offering from The Epstein, one that whets your appetite for more from the artist, that makes you hope that they have an album stashed away somewhere (in case you’re wondering, they do: 2009’s Last Of The Charaguistas). I Held You Once is a collection of three songs, in a laid back, folky style, which I’ve had on repeat since I got it.

The stand out song of the three is the title and opening track: I Held You Once, in my interpretation a wistful yet uplifting contemplation on a past romance, and the song with the sound most comparable to other folksy artists that are about at the moment. The second song, Ring on her Finger, is a slower affair, which, for me, is all about the beautiful melody and the sometimes quite eerie guitar sounds. Last up, a change of pace again with Another Band has Gone, which, by the time I’d listened to the EP for the gazillionth time, I had found had actually become my favourite. What can I say other than that I wish it were longer, because I wanted to listen to more of it? I think that probably says it all.

And wanting more is probably how I’d sum up my feeling after listening to the EP, so I’m off to acquire their first album, and happily anticipate their second.