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The Living Sisters – Love To Live

Katie-Nan Coleman


Love To Live, the debut album from The Living Sisters, is the kind of album that is so tranquil and deep you find yourself at one with the music and lyrics. The band looks and sounds like they belong in a black and white movie, performing on a stage in an old bar, gently swaying to their melodies and providing background music for an epic love scene.

The album is full of soft, gently sung songs that have been pieced together to create a one of a kind album. If like me you’d never heard of The Living Sisters and aren’t a fan of slow, jazz type music than it may not be your cup of tea and might require some patience to get into the album. However, as a first time listener myself, I found it a very laid back album and fairly easy to get into. The album shares a few comparisons with country singer Norah Jones, the slow, enchanting songs reflect some of Jones’ earlier work and songs like How Are You Doing and Blue would fit perfectly on one of her albums.

A few to look out for on the album are Hold Back, Don’t Let The Sun Go Down, Double Knots and Good Ole Wagon. These songs are the better of the album and have a feel good essence to them; they all have a catchy tune and easy lyrics which make perfect listening. But songs like Cradle and Ferris Wheel come across as being slightly depressing and overly emphasised by the use of slow drums and piano rifts. Overall the album is a good listen and is perfect for a lazy Sunday morning spent reading in bed, with Love To Live playing in the background. I’d definitely like to see where they are heading and what they have to offer us in the future.

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