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The Minutes Interview November 2011

Siobhanne Beattie


Having toured extensively throughout Ireland, The Minutes are now venturing across the Irish Sea to pay the rest of the UK a visit. We caught up with the band to ask about inspirations, touring and their debut album…

MTTM: You are bringing your “molten hot-throb” to the UK with your upcoming tour…. should we be worried?!

The Minutes: No need to worry, you are in good hands! We’ll give you a good old fashioned rock n roll show ,the way it should be.

MTTM: You take inspiration from NYC Punk Rock, The Smiths and Thin Lizzy – what have you found so inspiring about them?

The Minutes: They were bands and sounds that we all liked when we got together. It was our common ground but musically we sound nothing like any of them. The energy of the NYC punk scene is something we try to emulate, and The Smiths and Thin Lizzy really knew how to put on a show; so I guess that’s where we draw influence from them.

MTTM: Eleven gigs in three days earned you the reputation of “gig thirsty tour monsters” but what can we expect from your live set?

The Minutes: A high-energy rock n roll show. It’s gonna be loud and in your face! These songs are for fucking and fighting .

MTTM: You are supporting Flogging Molly on tour over the next few weeks in UK – is this an exciting or nerve-wracking experience for you?

The Minutes: It’s very exciting. Our longest tour to date and a great opportunity to spread the word to new fans. We’re not even half way through and we’ve already done the UK, Benelux and Scandinavia. Vienna next!

MTTM: What were your aims when writing/recording debut album “Marcata”?

The Minutes: We wanted to make an album we could all be proud of , that didn’t sound like anyone else out there, and captured what we were doing live. I believe we achieved what we set out to do when we started working on it.

MTTM: What are the pros and cons of touring the Irish pub/club circuit?

The Minutes: The pros are that you can tour Ireland comprehensively in about seven to ten days, top to bottom. And everywhere is no more than three hours drive away from home. The con is that it’s hard to build up an audience when you are unknown, but that’s true of anywhere. Ireland’s smallness works both for and against you sometimes.

MTTM: What plans are in the pipeline following the end of your tour?

The Minutes: When we finish with Flogging Molly, we are going out in Germany on our own. Then the album comes out in the UK at the end of January, so more UK dates around that, and Eurosonic in Holland; and SXSW in March. Also to start writing for our next album in the new year, and get it recorded before the summer.


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