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The Pierces Interview June 2011

Siobhanne Beattie


Following this week’s release of You and I, we caught up with The Pierces to learn more about them and their new album.

MTTM: What initially inspired you to form a band?

The Pierces: We’ve been singing together since we were little girls and our Father has always been in bands, so I suppose he was the inspiration.

MTTM: What level of “culture shock” did you experience moving from Alabama to London?

The Pierces: Well, we’ve been living in NYC for the past nine years so that softened the blow!  We did experience some amount of culture shock when we left Alabama but we adapted very quickly and feel the city life suits us. London and NYC are pretty similar so we are right at home here.

MTTM: What were your hopes/aims for your debut album?

The Pierces: We were so young and inexperienced I don’t think we knew what to expect and I think that was part of the problem.  We just handed the reigns over to the label and thought everything would work out.  We learned through the years that you need a clear vision and you have to work very hard.  I’m glad in a way that our journey turned out the way it did even though it was difficult at times. We learned so much and really grew as people through our experience.

MTTM: What do you strive to bring to a live gig?

The Pierces: We strive to make a connection and have fun.  Nothing disappoints me more than when I walk away from a show and I feel like I wasn’t myself onstage.  Sometimes it comes really naturally and sometimes it’s the hardest thing in the world…it all depends on your mood and the vibe of the crowd.  It’s a strange thing.

MTTM: How does your UK audience differ from audiences in America?

The Pierces: Audiences are different every night no matter where you are so it’s hard to say.

MTTM: Which fellow artists do you admire?

The Pierces: We just toured with Lissie and she’s amazing.  We also love Florence & The Machine, MGMT, Lykki Li, and Alice Gold to name a few.

MTTM: What would you aspire to achieve in the next 12 months?

The Pierces: We try not to think too far ahead or you forget to enjoy where you are. It’s all going so well after so many years of struggle, so of course we want the good things to keep rolling in. We love what we do and just want to keep going.