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The Pierces – You & I

Siobhanne Beattie


Monday 30th May saw the fourth studio effort from sisters, The Pierces, with the release of You & I. Alabama born, Catherine and Allison Pierce have eluded mainstream music in The UK despite having 3 album released prior to this – however, significant radio airplay has changed all that, and not only are more people in the know, they are sitting up and paying attention.

The Pierces sound and style would not be amiss in an earlier era, circa Woodstock, and that feel-good, hippy vibe in more than evident in their music. Single, and opening track, You Will Be Mine, has a bohemian, free-spirited feel to it, and has a hippy-esque tribute as an accompanying promo. The desperate, and somewhat dark undertone of, Love You More, presents a more solid version of the band, and marks their progression from their formula of quirky folk/pop of the first three records.

We Are Stars sees The Pierces in more mellow, psychedelic mode once again, giving a nod to their folk roots, however, Glorious gives us an idea of what Annifred and Agnetha would’ve sounded like if they had evolved past crowd-pleasing, classic pop. You & I undoubtedly shows that The Pierces in a more somber light than their previous efforts, however, their development is not a negative factor, “You & I” is an effortless listen, and conveys why The Pierces have been growing in popularity.

However, with their singles failing to set the charts alight, and the danger that their hippy-inspired, quirky style could be trampled on by the juggernaut of Pop, a la GaGa, Beyonce, and Rihanna, there may be room, and even a niche for The Pierces, but no chance of them denting the large scheme of things too much.