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The Pipettes – Earth vs The Pipettes

Katie-Nan Coleman


With the release of their second album, Earth Vs The Pipettes looming around the corner and the success of their debut album We Are The Pipettes already under their belts, I wondered what the Brighton born band would have on offer next. The Pipettes have yet again come back with a contemporary, fresh new album full of electro-pop hits. The trio of polka dot loving girls have stepped out of the box to create an album with a track list full of catchy, fun loving songs. A personal favourite on the album and the next single to be released by the girls (19th July) is Call Me. It’s an easy, happy go lucky song and I found myself inadvertently humming along to it all day.

Other songs to look out for are the bubbly and somewhat quirky History, I always Planned To Stay, Stop The Music and I Vibe U. All of these are easy to listen to and remind me of the summer festival scene; the heat, beer and The Pipettes in the background… Is there anything better? There are some similarities with the songs and the use of guitar based intros, the most obvious with I Vibe U and Finding My Way, which have almost identical melodies. However, the great thing about this album is that in no way does it put the listener off the tracks; unless you have a sharp ear for those kinds of things.

Overall the album is full of songs that are all capable of rivalling other chart hits, they all have steady rhythms, catchy lyrics and a solid sound for the summer, and songs like Our Love Was Saved By Spacemen offer a different view of love in comparisons to other contemporary girl bands in the charts. The Pipettes deserve a solid chart position with this album; I just hope the music industry is looking for a different kind of girl band!

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