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The Saw Doctors – The Further Adventures Of…

Lisa Ward


Still holding the record for the longest single at number 1 in Ireland, it’s fair to say that The Saw Doctors have continually pumped out hard hitting albums, full of instant hits. The Further Adventures Of… is no different, packed full of solid riffs, heavy drum beats and the signature vocals of Leo and Davy, it’s another instant grabber from the Irish rockers. Whilst it seems that the band mature with every album, lyrics these days tending towards friendship and travels, the spark which gives The Saw Doctors a cult-like following still remains and hardcore fans will not be disappointed.

The album vears more to the upbeat numbers which see their audiences sway, gone are the low key tracks like Same Oul’ Town and in its place are songs with more edge. Whilst Friday Town has a similar vibe to Same Oul’ Town, it’s a meatier number with heavy percussion to carry the slightly more downbeat lyrics forward, meanwhile, Someone Loves You and Be Yourself also reflect the shifting times of the band, the lyrics reading as if advice to a child. Someone Loves You is filled with sweeping guitar refrains whilst Be Yourself has more of a stadium anthem vibe, that wouldn’t go amiss in a Snow Patrol set, suffice to say they’re instant winners.

Hazard on the other hand, stands out for how it will translate on stage. The echo on the production, combined with solid vocals almost suggests it should have come from a live recording and it lights up the middle of the album with vibrancy and energy. Meanwhile Well Byes feels almost tongue in check, humorous lyrics and a honky-tonk keyboard bring to mind the bouncing bodies and raised glasses that signify a live gig and its melody is simple enough that singing along is almost compulsory before the three minute wonder is up.

Despite the fact that The Further Adventures of… gears more towards an upbeat sound, there is still great variation within the album and Songs And Stars seems to act as the greatest marker of this. Complete with profound lyrics and haunting riffs it’s a lighter in the air number, that marks The Saw Doctors apart from their contemporaries and more than justifies the long wait for the album. Whilst there’s seemingly no track that will measure up to the likes of I Useta Lover, fans of the band will be more than enamoured with their latest offering, which goes to show that whilst they might have already bagged a Lifetime Achievement Award, there’s plenty more yet to come where The Saw Doctors are concerned.